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What is the meaning of unlike in Hindi?

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Meaning of unlike in Hindi is : से भिन्न

Definition of word unlike

  • To dislike. (verb)
  • Not like; dissimilar; diverse; having no resemblance. (adjective)
  • Differently from; not in a like or similar manner. (preposition)

Examples of word unlike

  • But then it's a word unlike any other in current usage.
  • CONAN: And it almost sounds - and I'm reading between your lines here - as if you were, to some degree, surprised that she might not embrace the term unlike Rush Limbaugh's feminazi (ph).
  • They must, in the grand tradition of the French, whose revolution was worthy of the name unlike America's, have lots of knitting that needs to be done, and like Chauncy Gardener, like to watch.
  • He was lucky to get away with his title unlike STURM.
  • Wide receiver Keith Smith seemed so angry about the turn of events that his lips were quivering as he spoke after the game, which he described as unlike any in which he has played.
  • He remains committed to our soldiers, again unlike the Bush admin.
  • Maybe one day you will realize this man has brain unlike the previous Coward-in-Chief.
  • Regardless, the extremist component to the Obama photoshopped photo, again unlike the chimp comparison, is flattering transparent for any the single meaningful or caring about the hardship of black folk in the story of the USA.
  • FakeDrHunt: You stupid ass is safe since President Obama was sworn in unlike the goat phuking shrub.
  • I am a REPUBLICAN and have nothing against personal Palin – unlike most do as I say but not as I do democrats.

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