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What is the meaning of unanswerable in Hindi?

Meaning of unanswerable in Hindi is : लाजवाब

Definition of word unanswerable

  • Not answerable; impossible to answer. (adjective)
  • Something that cannot be answered. (noun)

Examples of word unanswerable

    • Burke, Porson, Dr. Warburton, and Dr. Farmer, pronounced this piece of criticism convincing and unanswerable; but Dr. Johnson and Steevens would not be convinced, and, moreover, have contrived to answer the _unanswerable_.
    • Life is rarely spelled out for anyone … some of life’s greatest questions may remain unanswerable and I love a TV show that respects its audience by not telling them what to think at every turn and lets them find their own interpretation within the structure of the story.
    • It is precisely this way of introducing the so-called unanswerable questions about torture that shows Cohen's true leanings.
    • Now this baffling and probably unanswerable question -- unanswerable, that is, in terms which go beyond the physical concomitants of life -- has played the part in biology which the alchemists 'quest played in chemistry.
    • 'That is a statement which one may call unanswerable,' said Rollo with a significant line of lip.
    • Site to ask public and celebrities including Sarah Beeny and Nicky Clarke to help answer its top 10 'unanswerable' queries
    • A decade and 1. 1bn questions after Ask Jeeves launched in the UK, the website is asking the public to help answer its top 10 "unanswerable" queries – including "Did Tony Soprano die?" and "Do blondes have more fun?".
    • It would prevent you from posing these sorts of challenges as if they're some kind of unanswerable obstacle to my position.
    • Dawkins presented his so-called Ultimate Boeing 747 argument in a chapter entitled "Why There Almost Certainly Is No God," branded his argument "unanswerable," and boasted that it had stumped all theologians who had met it.
    • Meanwhile the Secretary of State, a member of the Government that has nearly bankrupted the Post Office, told the dynamic duo of Llew and Peter that those campaigning to save the post offices had an "unanswerable" case.