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What is the meaning of supposed in Hindi?

Meaning of supposed in Hindi is : माना हुआ

Definition of word supposed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of suppose. (verb)
  • Presumed to be true, but without proof (adjective)

Examples of word supposed

    • I think that we were supposed to somehow see the perpetual loafer in Meathead was *supposed* to be the one making the money and Archie is stealing it from him by unfairly making reality what he wants to be.
    • ˜The framing of moral rules, so long as the ultimate Good is supposed known, [Russell should have said ˜supposed agreed™] is a matter for science.
    • Quarterly Review_, the value of whose observations may appear from his statement, that "in 1828 the disease broke out in Orenburg, and was supposed [_supposed_!] to have been introduced by the caravans which arrive there from Upper Asia, or [_or_, nothing like a second string] by the Kingiss-Cossacks, who are adjoining this town, and were said [_were said_!] to have been about this time affected with the disease."
    • III. i.101 (177,7) [supposed by the common rout] For _suppose_ I once thought it might be more commodious to substitute _supported_; but there is no need of change: _supposed_ is _founded on supposition_, made by conjecture.
    • Myabe thinking you're supposed to "have a life" is a stupid way of buying into an untenable 1950s narrative of what life "supposed* to be.
    • "I address you, Mrs. Cordelia Berry," declaimed Elvira, "because you are supposed -- I say _supposed_ -- to be officially the managing director -- or directress, to speak correct -- of this institution.
    • I mean, is the term supposed to indicate some kind of "trickle-down" effect of VP preferences??
    • Although one of the definitions of "supposed" is "mistakenly believed", the more common definition is definitely perjorative.
    • Miles's qualification of the critical opposition with the word "supposed" is entirely apposite for the process of critical spectralization that I have just discussed.
    • November 10th, 2009 at 5: 07 am PST is the second part of the title supposed to be in french? in that case, that’s more something like “Et toi, Netflix?”