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What is the meaning of soluble in Hindi?

Meaning of soluble in Hindi is : समाधेय

Definition of word soluble

  • Able to be dissolved. (adjective)

Examples of word soluble

  • The loss represents the amount of _organic matter soluble in water_, the ash gives the quantity of _soluble inorganic matter_.
  • In the soil, especially in contact with soluble alkaline bodies, as ammonia and lime, there is a progressive conversion of the _insoluble_ or _less soluble_ into
  • In this respect this imaginary chemical ferment would differ entirely from those which we call soluble ferments, since diastase, emulsine, &c., may be easily isolated.
  • "We've taken out what we call the soluble fibres and what's called resistant starch," he said.
  • If you want to try some dietary approaches, cook with flaxseed and add some foods high in soluble fiber — like good old oatmeal.
  • Starbucks has made a "breakthrough in soluble coffee," and it will be bringing it to a cafe near you.
  • This new study highlights the importance of certain soluble proteins, called cytokines, in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It sometimes seems that a problem shuffled off is, from the point of view of those who claim to help, a problem solved - and that the one thing they will never do is admit that some problems are not at least in facile terms soluble, and allow even insolubility its full measure of acknowledgement.