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What is the meaning of proceeding in Hindi?

Meaning of proceeding in Hindi is : व्यवहार

Definition of word proceeding

  • Present participle of proceed. (verb)
  • The act of one who proceeds, or who prosecutes a design or transaction (noun)

Examples of word proceeding

    • "It is not (_Golf_ is not!) a proceeding (_proceeding, quotha!
    • We observed that the gates of the two walls were not built opposite to each other, with the object no doubt of exposing an assaulting party to greater loss in proceeding from the outer to the inner gate.
    • Read this way, the point of the passage is that we can adapt to new situations in ways that go beyond anything we already knew how to do; doing this is what he calls proceeding according to the kinds.
    • On a label proceeding from his mouth is inscribed the following line: "O Christ, be thy wounds my pleasing remedy."
    • "3rd Regt.;" his right hand points to the tomb; and a label proceeding from his mouth represents him saying, "I have obtained a pension of a shilling a day only for putting an end to thy days."
    • "There was no point in proceeding under the current conditions."
    • We have but one resource if such a proceeding is distasteful, and that is, not to vote at all, which is certainly unpatriotic.
    • The third Fairfax proceeding is now in its sixth week, with the defense building its case that Prieto should not be executed because of the trauma he suffered as a child growing up in war-torn El Salvador in the 1970s.
    • Moreover the recent decisions from the Judiciary also reflect their reluctance in proceeding with the case.
    • He wrote, market theory often prevents access to a true understanding of competition by proceeding from the assumption of a 'given' quantity of scarce goods.