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What is the meaning of open in Hindi?

Meaning of open in Hindi is : स्पष्ट

Definition of word open

  • Which is not closed; accessible; unimpeded; as, an open gate. (adjective)
  • To make something accessible or removing an obstacle to something being accessible. (verb)
  • A sports event in which anybody can contest; as, the Australian Open. (noun)

Examples of word open

  • When Jesus said that heaven would be opened, He meant not only opened just once, but _remaining open_; so that ever since Christ ascended into heaven we have lived and are still living under an "open heaven," which means free intercourse between God and man, because Christ Himself is the
  • And if the parasite can, as some of our peasants believe, open all locks, why should it not have served as an “open Sesame” in the hands of Aeneas to unlock the gates of death?
  • In a flute, open at both ends, the holes are so arranged that the length of the sound-wave is about one foot, for one of the chief “open notes.
  • A desirable rule for the teacher to set for himself would be so to prepare for the recitation by mastery of the subject, and by lesson plan or outline, _that he does not need to have the textbook open before him when the pupils do not also have their books open_.
  • Any method of heating -- open fireplace, stove, hot air, furnace, hot water, or steam -- which will keep a room _with the windows open_ comfortably warm in cold weather is satisfactory and healthful.
  • "Oh yes," he said gruffly, "_they're_ open -- they're _open_; though there ain't much going on out-of-doors, being the last night of the season."
  • To open a shop, warehouse, or workhouse on Sunday is a fifty dollar offense, and it is fifty dollars also for doing "any manner of labor, business or work" on Sunday, unless the judge considers it a matter of necessity or charity; nevertheless, the "making of butter and cheese" is good Sunday work, if we do not _open the doors_ which would bring on a $50 fine.
  • A farm house should never be built without an ample, open fireplace in its kitchen, and other _principally_ occupied rooms; and in all rooms where stoves are placed, and fires are daily required, the _open_ Franklin should take place of the close or air-tight stove, unless extraordinary ventilation to such rooms be adopted also.
  • Iëna then went in advance, and sought the open plain, whereupon the child resembling the mother would cry out and complain, because she disliked an _open_ path.
  • Korea Signs 'Open Sky' Agreement with Canada The number of flights to Canada is likely to increase after Korea and Canada reached an open air transportation -- or ¡°open sky¡± -- agreement on Thursday.