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What is the meaning of observation in Hindi?

Meaning of observation in Hindi is : स‌ंप्रेक्षण

Definition of word observation

  • The act of observing, and the fact of being observed. (noun)

Examples of word observation

  • Now, I guess that some of those figures have been pulled out of the ether (hands shaken?) but my main observation is that with apparently double the “activists”, Labour has handed out less than half the leaflets, put up two-thirds of the numbers of the posters and made less than a third of the phone-calls that their nationalist opponents have managed.
  • This observation is also a fact: the more Sarah Palin is publicly exposed, the more damage she is doing to the Republican Party and this helps the democrats.
  • On the contrary, even the deprecating categorization "Pygmy" has deep organic roots buried under layers of dispossession and power disequilibrium. 17 Despite colonial "inventions," identities that surfaced during periods of contested interaction were, in fact, based on preexisting communities — not fabricated from whole cloth. 18 This observation is as true for African societies as it was for settlers and slaves at the Cape.
  • The other observation is about aspirational marketing, promoting a product or service that is too expensive for most customers.
  • But this observation is a clear incrimination of the colour-bias of the police force and pre-trial judicial procedures.
  • Perhaps related to this observation is a tendency to prefer order, neatness, symmetry, and balance.
  • Meanwhile, I see that you concede my main observation, which is that your Commerce Clause theory is not limited to intelligence-gathering at all, but to any wiretaps where the content is not made public.