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What is the meaning of hoopoe in Hindi?

Meaning of hoopoe in Hindi is : हुदहुद

Definition of word hoopoe

  • An Old World bird, Upupa epops, known for its distinctive plumage, fanlike crest, and slender bill. (noun)

Examples of word hoopoe

  • Of all birds that hatch for themselves the hoopoe is the only one that builds no nest whatever; it gets into the hollow of the trunk of a tree, and lays its eggs there without making any sort of nest.
  • Commentators generally agree that the hoopoe is the bird intended.
  • a bird called a "hoopoe," according to the context.
  • Pisthetairos and Euelpides, frustrated with life in wartime Athens, search for Tereus, a king who had been changed into a hoopoe, in the realm of the birds in the sky.
  • As I arrive, a hoopoe flounces down to the field alongside and, crest outspread, studiously feasts on worms.
  • For example, and this is just for openers, you can be dumb as a dodo, crazy as a coot, silly as a goose, a sitting duck, or simply a dupe from de huppe, the hoopoe, an Old World bird, said to be more stupid than most.