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What is the meaning of homo in Hindi?

Meaning of homo in Hindi is : होमो

Definition of word homo

  • Short form of homosexual. (noun)
  • (sometimes pejorative) Of or pertaining to homosexuality. (adjective)

Examples of word homo

    • "_Unus homo, nullus homo_" is a Latin proverb which means that one man alone is no man at all.
    • For we must vnderstand that the spirit of God there, speaking of sciences, vnderstandes them that are lawfull; for except they be lawfull, they are but _abusiuè_ called sciences, & are but ignorances indeede: _Nam homo pictus, non est homo_.
    • By the official promulgation to the term homoöusion, theological speculation received
    • At the Council of Nicea (325 AD), the Second Person was declared to be consubstantial with the Father, where the term homo-ousios became the consecrated word for expressing perfect numerical identity of nature between the Father and His Son who became incarnate.
    • Paul cites homosexuality ( "homo" comes from the Greek word meaning "same," not the Latin homo, "man") not because it is a worse sin but because it exemplifies better than other sins the very nature of sin, which is the perversion of an original good, and hence idolatry.
    • It's why I came up with the term homo sap to describe them.
    • I notice it came from the Latin word homo -- a man.
    • I-right-I employs the same M.O. w/strikingly similiar rhetoric. any attempt to debate winds up mired in homo-erotic flaming.
    • And yes, many of them argue that the only acceptable homo is the celebate and virginal homo.
    • We are social mammals -- we are not lone tigers, as those who believe in homo economus would have us be, any more than we are social insects, as the socialists would have us be.