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What is the meaning of full blown in Hindi?

Meaning of full blown in Hindi is :

Definition of word full blown

Examples of word full blown

  • The sum result of the McChrystal presentation about how much a fullblown counterinsurgency campaign would cost was a reevaluation of whether such a strategy was really necessary anyway, something the Riedel review had not considered in any detail.
  • It was fullblown winter in Chicago so there was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to spend a few days in the Florida sun.
  • Why a business downturn becomes a fullblown financial crisis is not fully understood, but investor pessimism plays an important role.
  • And her awed bittersweet announcement that she's pregnant, in the sixth song, sounded like fullblown tragedy.
  • Before her wayward thoughts could coalesce into an attack of fullblown fright, he was stretching his length beside her on the bed.

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