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What is the meaning of fluorescein in Hindi?

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Meaning of fluorescein in Hindi is :

Definition of word fluorescein

  • Any of a class of yellow xanthene dyes which are visible when highly diluted; used forensically to detect traces of blood, and in analytical chemistry as an indicator in silver nitrate titrations (noun)

Examples of word fluorescein

  • Most of the time, the diagnosis can be made based on a clinical exam, although a test called fluorescein angiography is often performed to assess the severity.
  • Semrock has released four optical filter sets for fluorescence imaging that enable increased brightness or enhanced contrast when imaging labels fluorescein
  • In the new study led by Dr Nick Beare of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, researchers examined the retinas of 34 children admitted to the hospital with cerebral malaria, by using a technique known as fluorescein angiography.
  • They used a technique known as fluorescein angiography, which involves injecting a special dye into the arm intravenously and photographing its passage through the blood vessels of the retina.
  • The traditional means of visualizing the retina is known as fluorescein angiography.
  • "Fluorescent indicators for cytosolic calcium based on rhodamine and fluorescein chromophores," J. Biol.