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What is the meaning of explicative in Hindi?

Meaning of explicative in Hindi is :

Definition of word explicative

  • Explanatory; serving to explain logically or in detail. (adjective)

Examples of word explicative

  • The former may be called explicative, the latter augmentative judgements; because the former add in the predicate nothing to the conception of the subject, but only analyse it into its constituent conceptions, which were thought already in the subject, although in a confused manner; the latter add to our conceptions of the subject a predicate which was not contained in it, and which no analysis could ever have discovered therein.
  • He writes lyrics that will reward the kind of explicative analysis usually accorded to the finest of poets.
  • Mr. Bengtson has written two books pairing photographic studies with explicative prose on the locations depicted in the films of Chaplin and Keaton .
  • I doubt Part 2 in this series is going to be very explicative about hawks.
  • The four tug at slim underwear and an "X" appears on each's mouth as an explicative is bleeped out.
  • Issa has been a (insert the explicative of your choice) since his car theif and fraud days ...