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What is the meaning of explanation in Hindi?

Meaning of explanation in Hindi is : स्पष्टीकरण

Definition of word explanation

  • The act or process of explaining (noun)

Examples of word explanation

  • He does not agree with those catechetical writers who maintain that the pastor, in his catechization, must confine himself to an explanation of _Luther's explanation_.
  • The term explanation has two different meanings, in that it sometimes refers to an educative technique that precedes interpretation and is designed to help the client understand the presence and origin of developmental arrests, particularly related to separation-individuation subphase difficulties Goldstein, 1990: 148-149.
  • An attempt at a chemically based origin explanation is obvious and understandable.
  • The interesting thing about this explanation is that it steals the co-option explanation from the non-teleological view and shows again there is more than one way to interpret the data.
  • However, the term explanation itself requires a bit of explanation.
  • I conceive that the main explanation is this: this system was devised from the standpoint of traders and consumers, but it failed to take into mind certain fundamental needs of producers.
  • Its only your claim that your explanation is the only explanation that needed correcting.
  • I think your explanation is as weak as you apparently think mine is.
  • Another explanation is the morally and intellectually corrupting effect that communism must have had on the hands that did all the dirty work of the regime.