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What is the meaning of endowing in Hindi?

Meaning of endowing in Hindi is :

Definition of word endowing

  • Present participle of endow. (verb)

Examples of word endowing

  • However, Perry was not alone in endowing commodities with the power to shape preconceptions, as a log entry from an anonymous sailor approaching Canton indicates: 60
  • Alfred Nobel for his generosity in endowing these prizes, secondly to the members of the Nobel Physics Committee of the
  • But there is real difficulty in endowing any such independent body with powers to use fiscal policy as well as monetary policy to achieve its objective.
  • Therein he will see how the economic freedom and independent citizenship of women, and indeed also the welfare of the whole next generation, hang on the idea of endowing motherhood, and he will find too how much of the nature of the marriage contract is outside the scope of Socialist proposals altogether.
  • For a long time the municipal council had occupied themselves with the idea of endowing the town with an establishment of this description, the want of which was imperiously felt; numerous plans were presented and discussed; at last, after a thorough examination, the town obtained, by royal ordinance of the 18th august 1833, the authorisation to establish
  • It's an almost insidious definition of social media, endowing even the most insignificant of acts, or the most transactional ones, with a hidden, personal meaning.
  • The sculptural remains are then displayed on pedestals, endowing them with a devotional aura.