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What is the meaning of eheu in Hindi?

Meaning of eheu in Hindi is :

Definition of word eheu

Examples of word eheu

  • it is quite close to "eheu" which means alas in Latin.
  • I remember a classmate being so chuffed when he figured out how to say "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" in Latin...he peppered his conversation with it for ages. "leones, tigresque, ursaeque, eheu!" was his phrase.
  • However, they had concerns that nobody would tune in to such an episode if they started with it. eheu!
  • Sed eheu inquis euge quid agemus? ubi pro Epithalamio Bellonae flagellum, pro musica harmonia terribilum lituorum et tubarum audias clangorem, pro taedis nuptialibus, villarum, pagorum, urbium videas incendia; ubi pro jubilo lamenta, pro risu fletus aerem complent.
  • Max Ehrmann in his poem eheu! spoke for all of us:
  • They're kinda dense in that area (and we have had that conversation ... eheu, the irony of it all).
  • It is now thirty-five years since (eheu! fugaces labuntur anni!) the writer of this induced his friend Sir Egerton Brydges to print the
  • If it does, revoke, O student, your shrill _eheu_ for the Greekless and untrousered savage of the canoe, suppress your feelings, and go steadily into rhabdomancy with several divining-rods, in search of the Pierian spring which must surely exist somewhere among the guttural districts of the Ojibbeway tongue.
  • Of these diphthongs EU occurs, -- except in Greek words, -- only in _heus, heu, eheu_; in _seu, ceu, neu_.