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What is the meaning of discriminate in Hindi?

Meaning of discriminate in Hindi is : सूक्ष्मभेद करना

Definition of word discriminate

  • To make distinctions. (verb)

Examples of word discriminate

  • To defend the rights of racists to discriminate is reprehensible and especially so when it is done by a major party nominee for the U.S. Senate ....
  • During his campaign, President Obama said he believe marrigae should be between a man and a women, so for him to recognize that the law states you can not discriminate, is a start.
  • Wanting to allow someone to discriminate is not racist any more than wanting to allow someone to speak racist things is racist.
  • To claim that not allowing the bank to racially discriminate is an entitlement program clearly shows that.
  • We "discriminate" - that is, we distinguish and discern by recognizing differences - all the time, and must do so.
  • In Baltimore, ACORN staff assured O'Keefe and Giles that the group doesn't "discriminate" - i.e., has no standards whatsoever.
  • Rabinowitz: I have to dispute that, Dan, in the sense that the lack of discrimination in these judgments--I mean, the capacity to discriminate, which is to tell the difference between one thing and another, is the bulwark of intellectual capacity.
  • I know that one of the philosophical underpinnings of Creative Commons and other Open Content Licensing models is to not discriminate, which is why they are available to anyone.