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What is the meaning of deployment in Hindi?

Meaning of deployment in Hindi is : फैलाव

Definition of word deployment

  • An arrangement or classification of things. (noun)

Examples of word deployment

  • E.g. If deployment share folder would be in c: deployment share
  • If Media deployment folder is in same folder e.g. c: deployment sharemedia we won't be able to update the media point it will fail with error
  • E.g. deployment share folder would be in c: deployment share
  • He said the only way the Sudan government can accept the deployment is if it is sanctioned by the UN Security council or if there is a strong backing for the deployment from the United States.
  • “Our commanders think that these additional forces and one of the reasons for the president's decision to try and accelerate their deployment is the view that this extended surge has the opportunity to make significant gains in terms of reversing the momentum of the Taliban, denying control of Afghan territory and degrading their capabilities”
  • The Russian leader warned of a new weapons race if Russia and NATO are unable to agree on a new missile defense shield for Europe, and spoke of what he called deployment of a new means of attack, without elaborating.
  • HAGENBECK: This particular battalion is on what we call a deployment order, and they're standing by in the event that they're called for to the CENTCOM area of operations, yes.
  • That will feed into Secretary Cohen's recommendation to the President once the Pentagon finishes what they call deployment readiness review.
  • Homeland Security department spokesman Matthew Chandler attributed the decline both to the weak economy and what he called the deployment of "unprecedented resources" in stopping illegal immigration at the U.S.