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What is the meaning of dancing in Hindi?

Meaning of dancing in Hindi is : नृत्य

Definition of word dancing

  • Describing something or someone that is currently in the act of dancing. (See dance.) (adjective)
  • The activity of dancing (see the verb dance). (noun)

Examples of word dancing

    • I fancied I was slightly disappointed in Taglioni, whose dancing followed Pasta's singing, but I suppose the magnificent tragical performance I had just witnessed had numbed as it were my power of appreciation of her grace and elegance, and yet she seemed to me like a _dancing flower_; so you see I must have like her very much.
    • Mark, who as well as being a highly skilled conservator and connoisseur of Latin American dancing is also a dedicated twitcher, knew what I meant.
    • Hula dancing is a lot like sign language: If you don't know the language, you can't enjoy it as much.
    • At Purdue, Tiller was always looking for what he described as "dancing bears" up front who could handle the team's complicated blocking schemes.
    • The main distinction in Mr. Stern's design is the inclusion of dozens of what he calls "dancing mullions."
    • Shalene's been watching me ... and my dancing is actually watchable!
    • I get them all enthused about it, and through long experience I am able to tell which group is going to be what I call my dancing girls or boys.
    • Then their women are so immodest; striding about in ball-rooms with very little on, and embracing strange men in a whirligig which they call dancing, but very unlike the dignified movements which our male dancers exhibit in the Confucian temple.