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What is the meaning of conformable in Hindi?

Meaning of conformable in Hindi is : सदृशः

Definition of word conformable

  • Having the same shape, very similar. (adjective)

Examples of word conformable

  • He takes care that his iilea be conformable to this archetype, and intends the name ihould (land for an idea fo conformable*
  • Abandoning a vain search after abstractions, and applying his simple formula to life, Hinton found that it enabled him to express the faith in his heart in terms conformable to reason; that it led back to, and illumined the teachings of every spiritual instructor and inspirer of mankind.
  • A range of specialist plastic electronics businesses are to benefit from a total of £8. 4m investment in research and development into new technology that will lead to the creation of a range of new products such as conformable and rollable electronic displays, ultra-efficient lighting and low-cost, long-life solar cells.
  • In both cases we have assumed a 20 percent downpayment, the standard for a conformable mortgage.
  • There are some reasons for skepticism about the Moody's estimates of the cost advantages of the hybrid system, most notably that the spread between jumbo mortgages, which are not bought by Fannie and Freddie, and conformable mortgages that go into the Fannie and Freddie pools has generally been just 25 basis points.
  • But the phrase “to appear by a name” does not necessarily imply the first revelation of that name; it rather signifies the explanation of the name, or a manner of acting conformable to the meaning of the name ….