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What is the meaning of confidence in Hindi?

Meaning of confidence in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word confidence

  • Self-assurance. (noun)

Examples of word confidence

  • To kiss the handsomest woman in the party, to pay her a compliment in some extempore effusion, or to whisper a confidence (_faire une confidence_) in her ear -- all these are hardly enjoined before they are happily accomplished.
  • But I haste to the qualifications of this divine work, — fervency, reverence, and confidence; _fervency_ in crying, _reverence and confidence_ in crying, “Abba, Father;” for these two suit well toward our
  • The first distinction to be made is that, in parliamentary governments, the head of the government__for whom there are various different official titles such as prime minister, premier, chancellor and his or her cabinet are dependent upon the confidence of the legislature and can be dismissed from the office by a legislative vote of ´no confidence´ or censure.
  • _implicit confidence_, we do not thereby indicate any specific _kind_ of faith and confidence differing from other faith or other confidence: but it is a vague rhetorical word which expresses a great _degree_ of faith and confidence; a faith that is unquestioning, a confidence that is unlimited; _i. e._ in fact, a faith that _is_ a faith, a confidence that
  • Though as yet we had never had a personal interview, he, nevertheless, corresponded with me with great frankness and confidence; which _confidence_, I beg him to make himself perfectly satisfied, shall never be basely betrayed by me, even if he should behave to me worse than he already has done; even if he should employ his hopeful paid agent Cleary to read upon the hustings a private letter a day, for the remainder of his life.
  • The first term is the word confidence itself, the topic of this chapter.
  • As Reagan understood them: "We seek to reduce nuclear arsenals and to reduce the chances for dangerous misunderstanding and miscalculations, so we have put forward proposals for what we call confidence-building measures."
  • This confidence is a big part of the thrill of reading him, but also why some people don't like him.