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What is the meaning of confessional in Hindi?

Meaning of confessional in Hindi is : पापस्वीका

Definition of word confessional

  • In the manner or style of a confession. (adjective)
  • A small room where confession (the sacrament of reconciliation) is performed. Traditional architecture has used three adjacent rooms separated by gratings with sliding doors; the priest hearing the confessions sits in the middle room and alternately opens one of the doors to hear confession from the person kneeling on that side. (noun)

Examples of word confessional

    • The secret confessional is the "can-fessional", which is a camera in the bathroom.
    • Due to the built-in confessional quotas of the Lebanese political system, and the fact that Hizbullah has pointedly refrained from seeking more parliament seats than it won in 2005, a March 8th majority would — by necessity — have to be dominated by the Michel Aoun-led Change & Reform bloc.
    • The ritual of the Catholic confessional is comforting and reassuring, releasing guilt, cleansing, but at the same time disciplining and policing.
    • Plus, the controversial O.J. Simpson book some call a confessional has found its way online.
    • This would be treason to the Master, and be hearkening to the teachings of man rather than of God! Yet how many are there from whose lips the phrase confessional fidelity (Bekenntnisstreue,) is heard far oftener than fidelity to God's word (Bibeltreue)!
    • This is sometimes called the confessional method of debugging an experiment/software.
    • Fear of Flying (published in 1973), once put it: "It's often called confessional writing by male reviewers, but I think the word confessional in this instance is a put-down.
    • I think there are dangers inherent in confessional art (chief among them how we make other autonomous individuals into “subject matter” or how we sometimes lose the ability to experience our lives because we are narrating them almost simultaneously) but the anxiety that one will chose experiences or to stay in experiences because of our art — for some reason I don’t share that fear with you.
    • At 3: 06 on Monday morning, Weigel posted a 2,300-word confessional essay at the conservative website BigGovernment. com.