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What is the meaning of close in Hindi?

Meaning of close in Hindi is : सीमित

Definition of word close

  • Closed, shut. (adjective)
  • An enclosed field. (noun)
  • To obstruct (an opening). (verb)

Examples of word close

  • While "The Devil Inside" remains my favorite GRENDEL story-arc, "God and the Devil" is a close *close* second.
  • The notes sung by the voices are usually close to each other in pitch, resulting in “tight” chords, or “close” harmony.
  • The soldiers being close together, -- in _close order_, -- they form a compact body that is easily managed, and consequently that lends itself well to teaching the soldier habits of attention, precision, team-work and instant obedience to the voice of his commander.
  • And she said I must tell you she will be with you, -- close -- _close_ to you -- in heart and thought, until the day shall come when she can hold you in her arms.
  • (i don't even want to think about how close you were) (well, as opposed to how *close* you are in texas...)
  • HPFacebookVoteV2. init (366998, 'Weekend Box Office Review: Cedric Diggory Crushes Harry Potter -- Twilight Saga: New Moon Opens With $142 Million', 'If you\'re a Batman fan or a general guy-centric geek, you\'re probably thinking \ "That was close ... too close\".
  • And -- oh, please let me think you are close -- _close_ -- beside me all the time! "
  • The term 'close reading' is one you pick up in a liberal arts education, but you don't really understand it until you meet someone who can do it.
  • Mr. Swanson glanced between them, wearing an expression close to alarm.

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