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What is the meaning of care for in Hindi?

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Meaning of care for in Hindi is :

Definition of word care for

Examples of word care for

  • While it's anticipated that some reforms will be revised as implementation unfolds, CU holds that H.R. 3962 is a strong bill that comprehensively addresses the flaws in a health care system that leaves too many families on the brink of poor health and financial ruin.how the Affordable Health Care for America Act will improve health carefor all Americanshow reform directly impacts you and your family
  • Now, of course, nationalhealth carefor everybody would have to be paid for, probably with higher taxes, which raises a lot of opposition.
  • On the camp aign trail last fall, I sawpeople respond to a shared desire to educate our kids, grow our economy, carefor the vulnerable and expand a culture of tolerance and diversity.
  • "Health carefor our military is a vital service, and this facility continues to meet those needs," she said.
  • Don't worry that you don't care about the wrong stuff, what really matters is what you feel right now when you are with her. first do you mean you feel like you should carefor her more than you do?
  • Their mother, Lovely Mollick, 23, handed over her girls to an orphanage because she and her husband were unable to carefor their special needs.
  • I don't carefor those games so I'll never know, but I have o admit that Halo 3 was pretty fun to play.
  • We’re spending over twice what other nations are spending, and what we have to show for it is one of the lowest rankings on the WHO index as far as quality of carefor industrialized nations.
  • This all amounts to, “This has to be a constitutional issue, because, if it’s not, the conservatives can introduce legislation that we don’t particularly carefor.”

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