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What is the meaning of bzang in Hindi?

Meaning of bzang in Hindi is :

Definition of word bzang

Examples of word bzang

  • Kel-zang Kay-drub (dwag po bskal bzang mkhas grub).
  • (Rehu mig or chronological tables) in Sum pa mkhan po, (dPag bsam ljon bzang) (Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture, 1959),
  • He did not introduce these practices himself, for he received them from teachers such as Ta bu Pe-ma Baz-ra and Dak-po Kel-zang Kay-drub (dwag po bskal bzang mkhas grub).
  • Shakya-zangpo (Sha-kya bzang-po) (d. 1275) was then appointed in his place and given the title “Chief Magistrate” (dpon-chen), with a headquarters at Sakya.
  • Yama (lord of death = Sanskrit pun for twins = the number 2) gzhon-nu childhood (date # 2 in the lunar date divine ssquality system of counting dates) (= bzang) gzhu