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What is the meaning of bistre in Hindi?

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Meaning of bistre in Hindi is :

Definition of word bistre

  • A brown pigment made from soot. (noun)

Examples of word bistre

  • Reddish-brown, marone, bistre with a golden light in it, suited her to perfection.
  • We're victims, we say: mere vessels, drinking the vanilla scent of this one's skin, the lustre of another's eyes so skilfully darkened with bistre.
  • Viewed from the harbour, it is a long line of buildings, whose painful whiteness is set off by a sky-like cobalt and a sea-like indigo; behind it lies the flat, here of a bistre-brown, there of a lively tawny; whilst the background is formed by dismal Radhwah,
  • Since he used to meet her in the house of the Rue Cassini, she had grown stout, and now had a double chin; but her hair was still unbleached, and her bistre complexion preserved its tinge as of old.
  • The chin-lines were sharpened, the eyes more sunken, while the shadows beneath them were as dark as though they were plastered on with bistre.
  • His drawings are generally in pen outline, with a wash of bistre, or other warm colour; sometimes he makes use of black and red chalk; they are seldom finished with colours, but have often portions rendered lighter and broader by means of a wash of white.
  • Various brown inks, principally solutions of bistre and sepia, were adopted in sketching by Claude, Rembrandt, and many of the old masters.
  • According to Bouvier, a colour similar to that of bistre, and rivalling asphaltum in transparency, is produced by partially charring a moderately dark Prussian blue; neither one too intense, which gives a heavy and opaque brownish-red, nor one too aluminous and bright, which yields a feeble and yellowish tint.

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