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What is the meaning of bister in Hindi?

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Meaning of bister in Hindi is : बिस्टर

Definition of word bister

  • Alternative spelling of bistre. (noun)

Examples of word bister

  • ( "bister") and Cogenhoe ( "cook-no"), I am very tolerant of eccentric local pronunciations.
  • Joanna could see the lines of sleeplessness on his face beneath a thick coating of rice powder and rouge; the dark rings of bister and fatigue made the queer eyes even paler.
  • Those great eyes, smudged in with bister — aha, pools to drown love in!
  • Well, then, observe me; note the bister about my eyes, the swollen lips, the shaking hand.
  • She looked white and spent; there were bister circles round her eyes.
  • She had remarked that Francois 'forehead was stained or dyed of a bister color, his eyes were bloodshot and encircled with blue lines, his lips marked with furrows, like the impression which burning sulphur leaves on living flesh.
  • Kraften, de goda gudarnas gåva, bister som bärsärk biter i sköld.
  • This college park atlanta that you may transitively splitter that it is not ok to bister in ionised you babel to letup in.
  • * 'I give and bequeath to my bister Botty the sum of 90/. at my dejith, iind Forty more at the birth of her tirst child.

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