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What is the meaning of believable in Hindi?

Meaning of believable in Hindi is : सत्याभासी

Definition of word believable

  • Capable of being believed; credible. (adjective)
    विश्वास करने में सक्षम; विश्वसनीय

Examples of word believable

  • Like the very best lies, the very best fiction is soaked in believable details.
  • /After a while, the story that looks least/believable is the past.
  • But how believable is a guy whose revolution all but wiped out Cuba's tiny Jewish community of 15,000, and who spent the past 50 years supporting the terrorism of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Syria, Libya and Iran?
  • The ability to make this change in tone and tempo, and keep it believable, is what makes Henry a better than average writer.
  • Similarly, composing a good sentence is an essential part of writing a novel or short fiction, but many readers are more interested in believable characters, distinctive dialogue, evocative descriptions and, most importantly, a strong plot.
  • The key to making these relationships so believable is the judicious use of flashbacks.
  • Hobb excels at writing characters who change and grow in believable ways, and I think she's accomplished some good stuff here.
  • To dedicate a lot of your creativity developing the social, economical, ehtical impact of a particular piece of technology, and make it believable, is really hard.
  • The reason it's believable is because it's been his pattern for years.