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What is the meaning of awake in Hindi?

Meaning of awake in Hindi is : सावधान

Definition of word awake

  • Not asleep; conscious. (adjective)
    सो नहीं; सचेत।
  • To become conscious after having slept. (verb)
    सोने के बाद होश में आना।

Examples of word awake

    • I use the term awake here instead of the more commonly used word, enlightened.
    • I told my older sister about it, and found she too had what we call awake nightmares.
    • To become more awake is to be honest about all that is in us.
    • She remained quiet, for she had learned the hypersensitiveness induced by drink and was fastidiously careful not to hurt him even with the knowledge that she had lain awake for him.
    • King was such a right accorded, and, as the King had early learned, to break Hardman Pool's siesta was to gain awake a very irritable and grumpy Hardman Pool who would talk straight from the shoulder and say unpleasant but true things that no king would care to hear.