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What is the meaning of assumed in Hindi?

Meaning of assumed in Hindi is : माना हुआ

Definition of word assumed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of assume. (verb)
  • Used in a manner intended to deceive; fictitious. (adjective)

Examples of word assumed

    • A distinction of the canonists has been assumed by those who have used the word with most precision -- _assumed_, though it is by no means a simple and indisputable one.
    • Late in the century, with the eruption of the American and French revolutions, the phrase assumed democratic overtones.
    • Religion: the name assumed by the Hindu goddess Devi.
    • In the later “Gespräch über die Poesie” (1800), however, the term assumed again its concrete historical meaning: Shakespeare is characterized as laying the foundation of romantic drama and the romantic is found also in Cervantes, in Italian poetry, “in the age of chivalry, love, and fairy tales, whence the thing and the word are de - rived.”
    • If the Musæ Exulantes, [The title assumed by them, in the preface to the Latin translation of Cato.] in the swamps of Bruges, could produce an elegant and nervous translation of Cato, will their notes be less strong or less sweet in their native land?
    • The Weber Minstrels is the title assumed by some gentlemen of this city, who intend to give concerts here and elsewhere.
    • The title assumed by the Roman emperors after Julius Caesar.