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What is the meaning of assimilation in Hindi?

Meaning of assimilation in Hindi is : सम्मिलन

Definition of word assimilation

  • The act of assimilating or the state of being assimilated. (noun)

Examples of word assimilation

  • In the social science literature on immigration and ethnicity, the term assimilation has been assigned various meanings.
  • When the term assimilation is used with reference to mental development, it is well to remember that, while it originally referred to the building up of anatomical elements, these elements, once constructed, have an immediate psychological bearing.
  • As mentioned above, the primary reaction in the assimilation is a fixation of carbon dioxide to an acceptor, the chemical nature of which has been established by Calvin.
  • Nathan Glazer’s review of Alien Nation was quite positive, even though it was titled What He Should Have Said but it includes this passage, which shows a surprising amount of faith in assimilation from the man who wrote Beyond The Melting Pot
  • If assimilation is one´s primary goal then one has one´s work cut out for one.
  • The West has lost it's confidence in assimilation, of self-sufficiency, so immigrants learn to celebrate their indigenous culture (which was so wonderful they had to leave it), to demand various rights, and glom onto racial and ethnic hucksters who make a living off the guilt of European suburbanites.