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What is the meaning of aspiration in Hindi?

Meaning of aspiration in Hindi is : श्वास

Definition of word aspiration

  • The act of aspiring or ardently desiring; an ardent wish or desire, chiefly after what is elevated or spiritual (with common adjunct adpositions being to or of) (noun)

Examples of word aspiration

  • You cannot have too much of that yearning which we call aspiration, for, even though you do not attain your ideal, the efforts you make will bring nothing but blessing; while he who fails of attaining mere worldly goals is too often eaten up with the canker-worm of disappointed ambition.
  • If my intense desire to see the friend, from whom I have parted, does not bring him from the other side of the world, or take me thither; if the mother's agonised prayer that her child should live has not prevented him from dying; experience certainly affords no presumption that the strong desire to be alive after death, which we call the aspiration after immortality, is any more likely to be gratified.
  • Until then, you will need to tube feed your pup to keep them strong and also to prevent them from swallowing food into the lungs causing what we call aspiration pneumonia.
  • That is a long-term aspiration which is very sensible.
  • If one's highest aspiration is to elicit rapid-fire answers to a narrow set of repetitive questions, either Williamsburg Collegiate or Army Basic Training at Fort Benning, Ga. will do just fine.
  • They are to be avoided unless your aspiration is merely money and marketing.
  • The Hulk Destruction is the main aspiration of the Gameplay.
  • But he says silence isn't an option: My aspiration is to have my own show again.