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What is the meaning of appropriation in Hindi?

Meaning of appropriation in Hindi is : विनियोजन

Definition of word appropriation

  • An act or instance of appropriating (noun)

Examples of word appropriation

  • Artists have, of course, been sticky-fingered for ages, long before the term "appropriation art" was ushered into the lexicon to describe the Pictures Generation.
  • In postmodern ideals, this kind of appropriation is - well, appropriate, fitting, part of the continual process we all go through of assimilating culture and creating new culture based on that assimilation.
  • The appropriation from the central budget in this regard totaled 725.3 billion yuan, an increase of 21.8 percent over the previous year.
  • Traditional IP law: private appropriation is a precondition for production.
  • The Texas Board of Medical Examiners was so overwhelmed with new physician applications it had to acquire a special appropriation from the legislature to hire more personnel.
  • Lifting the tuition cap would let universities break even with fewer public handouts, allowing schools to expand, if they so desire, without first seeking an appropriation from the government to do so.
  • Although appropriation is an old artistic technique, it is becoming much more common in our media-rich culture, and I would suggest that the growing importance of appropriation is a natural evolution in a society where we are constantly bombarded with images and sound bites.
  • That's because state law prevents any sort of payments – even IOUs – without an appropriation from the Legislature, Jordan said.