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What is the meaning of apologise in Hindi?

Meaning of apologise in Hindi is : बिनती करना

Definition of word apologise

  • Alternative form of apologize. (verb)

Examples of word apologise

  • We therefore recommend that Mr Hain apologise by means of a personal statement on the floor of the House.
  • The refusal of the cop to apologise is stupid and racist.
  • I think, the most Schoking thing today was the first view of the inside of the Church in San Juan Chamula ... but I have to apologise, that is indescriptible for me.
  • They are of course the life-blood of satirical books, of the kind made famous by Andrew Bierce's Devil's Dictionary, such as apologise 'to lay the foundation for future offence'.
  • We weren't really sending Jade Goody over to 'apologise' for her behaviour at all.
  • Australia: Police 'apologise' for closing Easter event
  • I'm tired of hearing Labour Ministers arguing that Tories should "apologise" and am sorry to hear Conservatives parroting the same, facile phrases.
  • As for the Sena, matters have gone too far for it to appear to be doing a climbdown on the issue, particularly with Shah Rukh refusing to "apologise" to Thackeray on the matter.