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What is the meaning of analogous in Hindi?

Meaning of analogous in Hindi is : सहधर्मी

Definition of word analogous

  • Having analogy; corresponding to something else; bearing some resemblance or proportion;—often followed by "to". (adjective)
    सादृश्य होना; किसी और चीज के अनुरूप; कुछ समानता या अनुपात वाले; - अक्सर "से" के बाद।

Examples of word analogous

  • The title “Son of God,” or simply “Son,” [1] thus became for Jesus a title analogous to “Son of man,” and, like that, synonymous with the
  • The title "Son of God," or simply "Son," [1] thus became for Jesus a title analogous to "Son of man," and, like that, synonymous with the
  • But there is no rational reason the default should be anything other than what it would be in analogous cases — the man donates his sperm for the woman to do with as she pleases.
  • If Smith had invited McMeans over for a talk and the repair man came over, and McMeans assaulted him, assuming the risk was clearly known (for example, he had a history of third parties in analogous circumstances to the point where the attack was not unexpected), I could see Smith being liable under either duty to warn or duty to police premises.
  • Other courts in analogous situations have concluded that the impossibility was factual: State v. Mitchell, 170 Mo.
  • Once you get to a substantive compliance analysis for "cruel, inhuman, and degrading" you get the position that the substantive standard is the same as it is in analogous U.S. constitutional law.
  • (Perhaps this in analogous to the question of whether clinical depression is simply the tail end of natural variations of being “blue”).
  • It could be described as analogous to Bob Geldof or Bono running for taoiseach.
  • (I'd like to frame that question in analogous/homologous terms, but I'm afraid I'd get something backwards.)
  • As a domain analogous to the domains of pragmatics, ethics, politics, etc., then, as the study of how and why we construct our personal and individual aesthetics, of whether or not there are universal principles underlying the process of construction, the field of aesthetics is not simply asking the questions "What is art?" and "What is beauty?".