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What is the meaning of amenable in Hindi?

Meaning of amenable in Hindi is : सुवश्य

Definition of word amenable

  • Willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions. (adjective)
    अनुनय या सुझावों का जवाब देने को तैयार।

Examples of word amenable

  • Even in straight achievement terms amenable to current games, imagine for example a paladin who gained bonuses for things like making a personal sacrifice for weaker members of a party your paladin receives buffs when rezzing if by your death the mob was killed while other party members who had sustained over 50% damage did not die.
  • And the White House has always believed that that would eventually occur, and occur more or less on terms amenable to both sides.
  • Magistrates hold their offices as trustees for the people, and they are amenable, that is, answerable, to the people.
  • · The US ranks last in the industrialized world on rates of "mortality amenable to health care" -- that is, the nation's care system often fails to manage those conditions that we know how to prevent or treat ( "amenable" conditions), resulting in premature death and suffering.
  • One cabinet minister even suggested having Israel appoint "amenable" Palestinian governors in each West Bank town, a program that failed miserably in the 1970s.
  • Now that Sandals has shown he'll flip flop, and since we already know he takes PAC money, that makes him appear much more likely to be "amenable" and owing to the NOW PAC.
  • Why can't I be 'amenable' and become a future duchess, and 'build up' the fortunes of a great family?