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What is the meaning of ambition in Hindi?

Meaning of ambition in Hindi is : हवस

Definition of word ambition

  • Eager or inordinate desire for some object that confers distinction, as preferment, honor, superiority, political power, or literary fame; desire to distinguish one's self from other people. (noun)
    वरीयता, सम्मान, श्रेष्ठता, राजनीतिक शक्ति, या साहित्यिक प्रसिद्धि के रूप में भेद प्रदान करने वाली किसी वस्तु के लिए उत्सुक या अत्यधिक इच्छा; स्वयं को अन्य लोगों से अलग करने की इच्छा।
  • To seek after ambitiously or eagerly; to covet. (verb)
    महत्वाकांक्षी या उत्सुकता से तलाश करना; लोभ करना।

Examples of word ambition

    • The main ambition is to lose some weight and get myself into better shape, which basically means covering some ground again and this time applying that old willpower to maintaining the state.
    • Whoever thinks we are a one issue party i am afraid they are wrong, i must assume this person has never heard of a 'Manifesto' yes this describes what the party wants to achieve, i take it the EDP's manifesto has not been read by this person, yes the main ambition is parity for England as was plaid cymru's for Wales and the Scottish National party for Scotland.
    • Our main ambition is to raise as many children as we can afford and give them all the love we have in us.
    • People often use the word ambition as a negative, but I can't see anything wrong with being driven.
    • But if your ambition is a one-party state and irreversible changes, then things are going right according to plan.
    • In young women the erotic wishes predominate almost exclusively, for their ambition is as a rule absorbed by erotic trends.
    • Petkoff at 74 year old cannot have more than a one term ambition, and as Reagan was, is old enough to measure what real glory is e.g., leaving a functional country behind and old enough to not only know the value of delegating power, but on how to do it, on whom to delegate.
    • The ANC was opposed to what he described as ambition for ambition's sake or for personal gain. lso of concern was a lack of management skills among officials in government departments.
    • And it is the desire to be a factor in the world, to increase the scope and consequence of one's self that is the leading ingredient in what we call ambition, and the desire for fame, and at least one ingredient in the desire for wealth.