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What is the meaning of allowing in Hindi?

Meaning of allowing in Hindi is :

Definition of word allowing

  • Present participle of allow. (verb)

Examples of word allowing

  • Obama is like Bush as he has already renewed faith based initiatives in his term allowing the federal government to decide what marriage and social matters are.
  • A label allowing for broader usage of the drug would likely result in more patients using Velcade for longer periods of time.
  • Some time is spent on Wesley's sermon # 39 Catholic Spirit, which they describe as allowing for the possibility that the other person may be correct.
  • He said that those leaflets do not absolve Israel of its responsibility to respect international humanitarian law, which he refers to as allowing groups like the Red Cross, groups like Doctors Without Borders to get to these places.
  • Some Democrats thought that they had a winning issue politically in allowing the Bush tax cuts on the super-rich to expire, but, so far, it seems that they were wrong.
  • Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads have proved crucial in allowing Republicans to surge ahead of Democrats in overall money, although not by much.
  • Pure speculation admittedly, but I would think that Stevens would want to go out with a ‘bang’ for his retirement, and that the other Justices who agree with him on the decision would be sympathetic in allowing him to do so.
  • Chamber of Commerce and the American Action Network have been crucial in allowing Republicans to close a money gap with incumbent Democrats and their allies.