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What is the meaning of all right in Hindi?

Meaning of all right in Hindi is :

Definition of word all right

  • Common misspelling of all right. (adjective)

Examples of word all right

  • Ngalo said Sinclair had told him his son was "allright" when he was put in the cell.
  • So she was like "allright" and left, but then I was like "Wait!
  • By allright ..... you mean you used the same amount of KiloWatts as previous months
  • Come on now, tell the truth - are Braise and Smokey allright?
  • We are in funny times allright and the term political class is a sinister one of seperation from the plebs.
  • January 15, 2009 7: 39 PM am with aloted every step of d way n dis interview. everything, gurl. this was a thoroughly enjoyable interview. so, i finally got dis page opened. d first time, it opened allright but i could comment.
  • But, that was allright with them because their prescious Republican president could do no wrong.
  • Hi Folks In the money today, did allright at the “races” and Two Up just bought a lot of fresh vegetables.

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