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What is the meaning of alight in Hindi?

Meaning of alight in Hindi is : प्रदीप्त

Definition of word alight

  • To spring down, get down, or descend, as from on horseback or from a carriage; to dismount. (verb)
  • Lit, on fire, switched on. (adjective)

Examples of word alight

    • No-one but the coach-driver saw her alight from the carriage, though, when it was a bare two miles from town.
    • Laurence Olivier and Dora Bryan glancing up at it as they alight from the Brighton Belle.
    • We stopped at a meadow to share our lemonade and my sister and I noticed how tenderly Manuel helped his wife to alight from the car.
    • As for Willie Rennie, well he's not going to set the Commons alight is he?
    • The death record of a man killed by the cars at Wells while "Attempting to board or alight from a moving train" is made more poignant by the notation that he was "by tools found in his pocket supposed a shoe laster."
    • Tracey turned to George, her expression alight with curiosity.
    • The percussionists alight from the front seat to do their own unloading.
    • The second time I visited Canada was last year, and then I had not time to alight from the train from Vancouver to New York, once more by Niagara.