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What is the meaning of alexander in Hindi?

Meaning of alexander in Hindi is : सिकन्दर

Definition of word alexander

  • A male given name, most famously held by Alexander the Great. (proper noun)

Examples of word alexander

  • Although overwhelmed with too many subplots, THE ALEXANDER CIPHER is a terrific thriller that cleverly interweaves historical tidbits of Ancient Egypt and Macedonia during the Alexander era into the contemporary adventure.
  • Alexander sagittā vulnerātus est, _Alexander was wounded by an arrow_.
  • Alexander, dum inter prīmōrēs pugnat, sagittā ictus est, _Alexander, while he was fighting in the van, was struck by an arrow_; dum haec geruntur, in fīnēs Venellōrum pervēnit, _while these things were being done, he arrived in the territory of the Venelli_.
  • _The Story of Alexander's Empire_, 1-11; Hogarth, _Philip and Alexander of Macedon_; Wheeler, _Alexander the Great_.
  • ALEXANDER - One person was killed in a single-car accident near Alexander, the N.C. Highway Patrol reported Tuesday.
  • Alexander the Great [Footnote: _Alexander the Great_ may be taken as one name, or _Great_ may be called an explanatory modifier of
  • Alexander appears at the window and then at the door of the ante-room_.] _Alexander enters_.
  • The creator, Sarah Burton, the powerhouse behind the label Alexander McQueen, stars in a five-minute video, talking the reader through the technicalities of her design.