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What is the meaning of academician in Hindi?

Meaning of academician in Hindi is : शिक्षा परिषद का सदस्य

Definition of word academician

Examples of word academician

  • If your father or mother were sick, you would go get a second opinion from an expert doctor, not from an academician, which is what he did.
  • Professor Shtik was a local "academician" and member of the Writers Union who had made state-funded trips to Iowa to research
  • It wasn't until that film's closing moments that we were teased with an impending face-off between Holmes and the villainous James Moriarty, unassuming academician by day, world-beating megalomaniac by night.
  • I'm an academician and devoted to things that don't earn money but I watch people come into the profession on my path and gradually get off of it.