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What is the meaning of absorption in Hindi?

Meaning of absorption in Hindi is : समावेशन

Definition of word absorption

  • The act or process of absorbing or of being absorbed as, (noun)
    के रूप में अवशोषित या अवशोषित होने की क्रिया या प्रक्रिया,

Examples of word absorption

  • It is only when _absorption_ takes place that heat is thus produced: and heat is always a result of absorption.
  • Skin absorption is more likely to occur if you use highly concentrated formulas of DEET, if it is applied to broken or irritated skin; or with repeated applications.
  • Administration of substances that absorb toxins and further prevent their absorption is also useful in early cases.
  • Seemingly united around shared values of localism and diversity, one hates to think that behind the solidarity is a plan for the long-term absorption of all licenses outside the master ship.
  • I think that calorie consumption rather than calorie absorption is the common understanding of “calories in.”
  • We can assume that Alutsista problem was not caused by limited budget, but also because the budget's absorption is low.