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What is the meaning of abolition in Hindi?

Meaning of abolition in Hindi is : समापन

Definition of word abolition

Examples of word abolition

  • They first insisted that the abolition of the slave-trade would ruin the colonies -- next the _abolition of slavery_ was to be the certain destruction of the islands -- and now the education of children is deprecated as fraught with disastrous consequences.
  • For the attending audience, the term "abolition" was not a novel concept.
  • I understand the Rothbardian, knee-jerk impulse to say "abolish federal agency X," but I'm not sure abolition is even necessary, so long as people are allowed to "innovate around" existing bureaucracy.
  • The last successful American third party, the Republicans, had a noble cause in abolition and the dominant political imperative in American history: Union, and they elected several candidates to statewide office before Lincoln (their second Presidential nominee) won the White House.
  • The Genies are long out of the bottle as the Scots and the Welsh assemblies would now have to make a serious mess of it to earn sufficient enmity, nay the deep hatred of their electorates that their abolition is demanded.
  • The pantomime and melodrama versions of Obi, or Three-finger'd Jack played an important role in abolition debates and in the career of Ira
  • And in addition to the word abolition, which comes from 1787, we have slave driver.
  • In slave lands, the word abolition was about as polite as some of the more colorful expletives of a river rat.