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What is the meaning of Willie in Hindi?

Meaning of Willie in Hindi is :

Definition of word Willie

  • A male given name, diminutive of William. (proper noun)

Examples of word Willie

  • There are other problems with pacing (that whole loony inflatable life raft scene), but "Willie" is the main downer for the whole movie.
  • Guillermo, who is known as Willie, was a new arrival from Argentina, and Canalp, who goes by John, had just come from Turkey.
  • » Wiarton Willie is Everywhere • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape
  • At any rate, her spouse was sober, and his fat bulged spiritlessly through the rips in Willie Smee's silk shirt.
  • I am picturing Willie from the Simpsons against Tyrone the Crackhead a la Dave Chappelle skits.
  • He called Willie Geist a "dead in the center" independent, and said that Mika Brzezinski takes some conservative positions.
  • Slick Willie is just trying to get Hillary back as the Pres in 2012 .... this is absolutely horrible advice!!!!!
  • “Wayne, Steamboat Willie is not just any cartoon.”
  • Slick Willie is pretty good at begging for forgiveness, ask Hillary