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What is the meaning of Nate in Hindi?

Meaning of Nate in Hindi is :

Definition of word Nate

  • A diminutive of the male given names Nathan, Nathanael and Nathaniel. (proper noun)
    नर का एक छोटा नाम नाथन, नतनएल और नथानिएल दिया गया।

Examples of word Nate

  • Which pisses me right the hell off, but it’s cool, they’re all pretty much of Jenn cuz she’s a sexy bitch:) and yes, the picture of Nate is that Nate… my rape victim…
  • For those viewers dying for answers about what Nate is up to, Cambor suggests looking more closely at Nate's body language in the most recent episode.
  • Nate is actually thinking about placing the order a second time.
  • What Doug needs and wants from Nate is more complicated.
  • "Nate is going to continue to change and evolve, and it's going to be a long road between here and what happens to him," Cambor says.
  • Interestingly, Nate is calling this a “bounce” and predicting a partial pullback.
  • Here are the three most damning errors in Nate's and Molly's analyses: