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What is the meaning of Na in Hindi?

Meaning of Na in Hindi is :

Definition of word Na

  • Symbol for sodium. (noun)
    सोडियम के लिए प्रतीक।

Examples of word Na

  • The second band upstairs was the rockabilly/swing band the Straight 8s, who were fun ok, I watched _Sha Na Na_ as a child, sue me.
  • Overall, the characteristics of the fast diatom currents most closely resemble those of vertebrate and invertebrate muscle Na This is the first demonstration of voltage-activated Na+ channels and the capacity to generate fast Na+-based action potentials in a unicellular photosynthetic organism.
  • These values likely represent the lower limit of increased Na + movement and energy demand by the electrocyte-trials with larger Increased Na+ influx during the enhanced electrocyte AP.
  • + current, which was significantly blocked by the Na Pharmacology of the diatom Na+ current.
  • Na Na is a Russky version of 'N Sync, and now the Russian culture minister wants to enroll them in the space program, since "[t] heir healthy optimism, stability and sense of tradition could be a symbol for young Russians".
  • The first hint of the emergence of this young woman can already be found in the figure of Rachel, heroine of the aforementioned novel, Ha-Avot ve-ha-Banim (published originally under the title Na’omi).
  • South Korea's Kim Yu-Na is first after the short program with a record 78.50 points, followed by Japan's Mao Asada (73.78) and Canada's Joannie Rochette (71.36).
  • … It's all what the judges are looking for, and apparently Yu Na is what the judges are looking for when it comes to jump quality and spin quality and her edges and all that.
  • Yu Na is capable of stepping it up and staying on her game.
  • The "Africaner style" probaly comes from the main Na'vi character being a black lady, and much of the music appears quite Asian