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  • Hannelore Foerster/Bloomberg An employee assembled seal coverings for gas-insulated switch gears at the ABB Ltd. plant in Hanau, Germany, "Demand from our industrial customers grew significantly in the quarter, especially in the emerging markets," said Chief Executive Joe Hogan, adding that ABB was confident about its forecast for 2010 and 2011 as its recent cost-cutting efforts and growth initiatives in emerging markets should help it drive profitable growth.
  • $8.95 at the P.X. in Hanau Gemany in 1972, after that I bought 1 a year untill I retired even though the price went up last one was $42.50, by then I had 25, still have all of them and I have been retired 20 years, the first ones still look new and still FIT.
  • London, and that the so-called Hanau edition was that entered in 1608.
  • It's a beautiful little old town called Hanau, west of Frankfurt.
  • I'm called Hanau -- Richard Hanau -- and my partner's Mr John S. Blenkiron.
  • The circle breaks apart, and Mizrahi and Hanau lead the fi rst black-and-white goat to the bench and fl ip it on its back.
  • Mizrahi leans for ward, pressing into the goat's fl ank, talking quietly into its ear to keep it calm while Hanau bends its head backward over the end of the bench, stretching the neck gently but fi rmly.
  • When the animal stops struggling, Hanau and Hertzmark pick it up and lay it down gently in the hay beside the bench.