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What is the meaning of Haight in Hindi?

Meaning of Haight in Hindi is :

Definition of word Haight

  • A street in San Francisco infamous as drug-infested; a 1960s rallying point for drug culture, especially LSD (hallucinogenic acid). (proper noun)

Examples of word Haight

  • Haight is a theologian with a significant capacity for communication, he is appreciated by the "liberal" culture extensively present in the media, and enjoys widespread support within the Church, especially in the
  • I suspect much of the criticism of "so-called liberals" is written by people that know few if any personally and get much of thier information based on exaggerations of hippies living in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco that they've seen on tv.
  • I suppose this new website will be headquartered in Haight Asbury.
  • He recounted his journey of spiritual awakening in Haight-Ashbury Flashbacks.
  • - spending way too much cash in Haight-Ashbury, which is the greatest enclave of ex-hippies and anarchists anywhere
  • Lynn Haight is a graduate of Oxford University and the London Business School.
  • I don’t know whether Thomas Haight is correct, but there certainly is no reason to think a WSJ Op/Ed piece has more cred.
  • The rapid commercialization of the North Beach area and accompanying police harassment of its Beat residents in 1962 drove the "beards" to other low-rent districts, including the Haight. 19 At the time, the Haight was a racially and ethnically integrated working-class neighborhood, home to many of San Francisco's social activists, including labor organizers and the core membership of various African American civil-rights organizations.
  • Today the Haight is a neighborhood in search of an identity.
  • And in all the naivete that pervaded the Haight was the belief, for a while, that a wondrous conversion could be worked on the bikers, that their Neanderthal instincts could be softened the whiz-bang wheels of their Harley-Davidsons tamed.