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What is the meaning of Finlandization in Hindi?

Meaning of Finlandization in Hindi is :

Definition of word Finlandization

  • The influence of a larger, more powerful sovereign state on the policies of a smaller, neighboring sovereign state. (noun)

Examples of word Finlandization

  • You heard the term Finlandization or self-Finlandization, which, by the way, was an offense to the Finns, who were very courageous and still are very courageous, very effective, successful people.
  • In the cold-war era, "Finlandization" -- a term the Finns loathe -- became synonymous with a mildly coerced neutrality.
  • They want to shelter in a united Europe, and live under the NATO umbrella because they remember the Soviet Union, war, and years of what came to be called Finlandization—forced subservience to Soviet interests.
  • Finland, which is not a NATO member, walked a fine tightrope between East and West by adopting a practice known as "Finlandization," meaning the country deferred to Russia on major political decisions.
  • The Spirit of Yalta is haunting Eastern Europe and could bring about the "Finlandization" of Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, the Baltic states.
  • Once this announcement is made, other weaker Arab nations will uder extreme pressure to adopt policies that Ira approves of in the cold war we called it "Finlandization".
  • To avoid Finnish neglect for the word "Finlandization", he uses the word "schroederizatsiya" to make clear Western attitude to Putin's Russia and its 'political and economical consequences.
  • So I certainly can't call the AH -- namely, the slow "Finlandization" of Britain after a Nazi victory on the Continent -- implausible on that level.
  • One of the strategies that the report advocates is "Finlandization" as a potential model for this process, based upon the Finland-Soviet relationship, where Finland maintained domestic sovereignty but deferred to its superpower neighbor in foreign policy issues.
  • As welcome as Clinton's recent words were on the need to defend the right of countries to decide their own fate, you don't have to go very far in Europe to hear whispers that some kind of new "Finlandization" might be a reasonable compromise for countries like Ukraine and Georgia.