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What is the meaning of Erotica in Hindi?

Meaning of Erotica in Hindi is : कामुक साहित्य

Definition of word Erotica

  • Erotic literature or art. (noun)

Examples of word Erotica

  • Damnation Books, publishers of horror, dark fantasy, paranormals, thrillers, science fiction and dark-themed erotica, is giving away a 2nd book this week for folks who join their reader's list.
  • Victorian erotica is pretty mindblowing, and I love the historical period.
  • Reading some good erotica is a great gauge for how sex can be written well – and it ticks all the boxes you mention.
  • All these characters are full and complete, they have real lives just like anyone else, except that – like a lot of regular fiction – they have something fantastic happen to them, and in erotica it tends to be of a sexual nature.
  • The characters were forgettable, and I got the impression they were written to be that way because who wants real, three-dimensional characters in erotica?!
  • I think erotica is always sexier with characters you love - that way you care about them when they get their ‘thang’ on.
  • Students of pornography can take heart, however, because more recent erotica is kept there thanks to its copyright library status.
  • Anyway, it brings to mind the quote from Gloria Leonard – “The difference between porn and erotica is lighting”.
  • Clearly marked erotica is the LEAST of your problems if you are a parent of a curious child.